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Alumni Library Privileges

Library access, borrowing and database access for Wits Alumni


Alumni should obtain access cards to the University Campus and to the Library from the Office of Alumni Relations on the West Campus. A charge is made for a card, which is a personalized ICAM picture card. Please note that all libraries are now cashless. Copying and printing must be paid for with an ICAM card, which can be loaded with cash on cash terminals on all campuses in the following locations:

  • Solomon Mahlangu House Ground Floor: next to Cashiers
  • The Matrix: between Umthombo and the Matrix Buildings, East Campus
  • Tower of Light: Outside the Commerce Library, West Campus
  • Wits Library of Management, Parktown
  • Education Library, Education Campus, Parktown
  • Medical School, Parktown: next to the Standard Bank ATM


The Office of Alumni Relations will accept additional payment for Library borrowing privileges. The Alumnus card will then be activated for borrowing a maximum of 2 books at a time for a 7-day loan period, with renewals permitted online or at the desk. Fines are charged for books not returned or renewed.

Library times

Click here to view the list of libraries and their open times.

  • Please note that the Library has adjusted its after-hours operating times for the Commerce Library Reading Room and the Engineering Library Reading Room in the Chamber of Mines Building as follows:

    Monday to Thursday: 16:00-23:00
    Saturday: 08:30-17:00
    Sunday: 14:00-20:00

    The Engineering Library Reading Room offers a study space, power points and WiFi, one printer and it has a wheel chair access. All Covid-19 measures are in place for the Reading Rooms and should be adhered to at all times.

     For the operating hours of all libraries, visit the Wits Library site.

Access to electronic resources

Alumni can access and search any part of the Library website remotely (i.e. off campus, at home, in another country, etc) except for the electronic resources accessed under research resources. Electronic resources (databases, e-journals, e-books) can only be accessed from a computer in any Wits Library.

Alumni should ask a librarian to log them on to the internet using a guest password. 

Please note:
Alumni and other external permit holders are not able to have use of a guest password after 5pm when Library full time staff are not available. Licence restrictions do not allow alumni to have remote off-campus access to electronic databases, e-journals, e-books.

SAGE Premier online database

All alumni who pay for library access are now able to access the SAGE Premier Online database.

To start off users must visit the library homepage to create a Library PIN (the PIN will allow access to the database off campus). Click on the ‘My Library Account’ button and follow the steps to create a PIN (it MUST be numbers only).

To access SAGE click back to the Library home page, click on the Electronic Databases link and on that page click on the ‘S’ to click through to the databases starting with ‘S’.


Results of searches can sometimes but not always be downloaded onto memory sticks. Searches can be printed on Library Pay-for-Print connections using Kudubucks loaded on an Alumnus card.

For enquiries about technicalities of alumni status in the Library please contact:


Terms and Conditions
  • Alumni who have an alumni card issued by the Alumni Office may access libraries, provided they have not previously defaulted in returning borrowed books.
  • Alumni cards will be renewed annually, provided that the alumnus has not defaulted on a library loan.
  • Alumni who hold a degree qualification from the University and who have an alumni card may borrow from libraries on payment of the borrower’s fee.
  • An annual borrower’s fee of R250 must be paid at the Alumni Office.
  • Alumni who lose or do not return books will be liable for replacements costs to be paid at the Alumni Office. The full cost of replacing the book will be charged unless, in the case of theft, a police case number is presented, in which case only the historic replacement cost will be charged.
  • The Alumni Office will cancel the alumni card of any alumnus who fails to return a book or fails to pay monies owed to the library.
  • Alumni may borrow two books at a time for a period of one week at a time (or less, depending on the loan status of the book).
  • Alumni are liable for normal library fines that must be paid directly to the library for the late return of books.
  • Alumni are subject to normal library access, loan and administrative procedures and  must comply with any library, computer and University codes of conduct.
  • Alumni may not access electronic resources remotely (off campus) due to license agreements. However, access to the library’s public website and catalogue is freely available.
Code of Conduct

Every library client is subject to the disciplinary rules of the University. Failure to comply with this Library Code of Conduct or with the University Code of Conduct for the use of Computer Facilities, or misconduct in any library, may result in disciplinary action.

  • Clients are responsible for all items issued against their cards, and should therefore take due care of Library materials as they would of other personal possessions. The loss or theft of any item should be reported immediately to the library from which it was borrowed.
  • All items should be returned or renewed on or before the due date stamped on the date sheet, to avoid incurring fines.
  • Fines are charged on all overdue items (items returned after the date stamped on the relevant date sheet and not renewed.) Examination results are withheld against outstanding student loans or Library accounts which have not been paid.
  • A client may not use the card of any other client to access libraries. Loss or theft of a card should be reported to the Library immediately so that the number may be blocked for further use. Clients should produce their cards for library staff on request.
  • Theft, vandalism, mutilation, defacing or marking of Library materials, facilities or property are disciplinary offences.
  • SILENCE should generally be observed in library areas where people are studying, and in any areas not specifically designated as discussion areas.
  • CELLPHONES should not generally be used in libraries. Ring tones should be set at low discreet or vibrate levels; calls should be not normally be taken or made in any library.
  • FOOD and DRINK may NOT be consumed by clients in libraries or library buildings. (Closed water bottles are permitted.)
  • SMOKING is NOT PERMITTED in libraries or library buildings.
  • NO GAMES of any kind may be played in libraries or library buildings or using library computer equipment.
  • The University Code of Conduct for the use of Computer Facilities should be observed at all times and clients should not abuse computer or Internet facilities.
  • INSULTING LANGUAGE or PROVOCATIVE BEHAVIOUR is not tolerated in any library or towards any member of the Library staff.
  • UNAUTHORISED REMOVAL of any Library material and equipment from libraries or library buildings will be treated as a disciplinary offence.