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Wits University is a public institution that houses approximately 37 000 students and 6 000 staff members with at least 10 000 vehicles that pass through its gates each day.

On campus, the University has a card swipe system to assist in controlling access. The University has a 24 hour CCTV coverage and security officers on patrol. Mobile vehicle patrols are onsite to ensure that there is safety and security of Wits’ staff, students and visitors within the University. 

Plan your visit

What you need to know when planning your visit to campus:

  • Access
    The University uses a card swipe system to effectively control access onto campus.
    Visitors are issued with a visitors pass at pedestrian and vehicle gates.
  • Parking
    Traffic control measures at Wits are designed to ensure the orderly admission of vehicles to campus, free flow of traffic and disciplined use of parking space.
    Visitors may enquire with Protection Sertvices upon arrival at the entrance gates for available parking if parking has not been arranged.
  • Conference goers and non-degree course delegates
    Conferences and courses lasting for more than three days being arranged on campus should also have arranged ICAM access cards from the ICAM Office.  These cards can be "personalised" for the particular conference or course and be issued to the organisers before the delegates arrive on campus. 
  • Contractors
    Contractors that spend a lot of time on campus also need to apply for access and parking on the Campus.
    These users should be advised by the contract manager responsible for the services they provide.
  • Hawking
    According to the University policy, hawking and the conduct of informal business are not allowed on campus. This includes the selling of food, telephone cards, posters, books, etc. from any makeshift location - eg. tables under the trees on the library lawns, door to door selling and so on, as well as the unauthorised installation of vending machines of any description.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the University. Smoking permitted areas are designated in certain buildings. 
  • The campus is a firearm free zone which means we do not encourage firearms on campus.