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General Assemblies

It is exceedingly rare that a General Assembly of this University is called, the first one being held in 1959. A General Assembly is an extraordinary event, convened on only the gravest of occasions. In the history of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, there have been only ten such congregations. Below is a list of such meetings held.

No of AssembliesDateReasons
1 16th April 1959 1959 Dedication to remain free and open
2 8th June 1972 No Protest Meetings
3 26th August 1975 Detention of student without trial
4 3rd May 1983 Racial quotas for admission
5 16th August 1985 Academic principles
6 15th August 1986 State of Emergency & detention of students & staff
7 28th October 1987 Institutional Autonomy restriction of subsidies
8 5th August 1992 Crises of violence, poverty & political impasse
9 7th March 2001 University concern on HIV Epidemic
10 24th September 2005 Alumni General Assembly for boycott of graduation ceremonies

The General University Assembly is presided over by the Vice Chancellor and unites all constituencies in joint stance on major issues. Messages would be read out by the leaders of each, e.g. Chair of Council, VC as Chair of Senate, Union Presidents, SRC President, Convocation President.