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Wits Integrity Hotline

Report improper, unethical or illegal conduct or activities related to the University without fear of victimisation.

The Wits Integrity Hotline team is an independent unit within the University. The team’s particular skills and their well earned standing will ensure that they will honour their commitment to act impartially and without fear or favour, and to maintain confidentiality and anonymity to the extent permitted by law.
Anybody may call the Wits Integrity Hotline to disclose concerns and information about Irregular Conduct which are related to the business of the University (the Disclosure). The University is committed to protecting any person who makes such a Disclosure in good faith against retribution or retaliation or other
impairment of their rights and relationships within the University and arising from and connected to the Disclosure.
CONTACT the Wits  Integrity Hotline
   C    072 874 2984 (CALL & WHATSAPP)
   E    wits.integrity@wits.ac.za