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Honours in the field of Film and Television


Prior film or television production experience in either an undergraduate program or the professional industry is recommended for the course.

The minimum requirement for access to the Honours level of study is a recognised bachelor’s degree. This degree provides access to our innovative Postgraduate program within the Film and Television Department.

The program requires the student to take 4 semester-long modules and either a Research Project or Long Essay by independent study.

Two options are available at the Honours level for full-time students:

 1. Students undertake a Research Project accompanied by a choice of four of the following semester-long modules:

Documentary Film – the form and aesthetics of documentary filmmaking considering subjectivity and representation

Experimental Film – exploring the filmmaker’s expression through an investigation of the “personal voice”

Cinematography – a theoretical and practical application of camera, lighting and grip equipment in various scenarios relating to cinematographic operations and philosophies

Postproduction – an in-depth course on various components of image finishing and the intention behind these outcomes through industry standard applications

Screenwriting – a choice of two modules (each a semester long) is offered with one focused on developing the short film and the other working with key developmental steps towards writing the feature length screenplay

 2. Based on the applicant’s prior academic achievements and experience students may be permitted to take the Long Essay option (6000 – 8000 words). This is a theoretically-grounded academic essay that is undertaken under appointed supervision. This option is taken with the student’s choice of four modules from the selection above.


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