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The Essentials: the arts, music and the food of life

When: getMessage().'-->'; ?> Wednesday, 10 November 2021 - Wednesday, 10 November 2021
Where: Online Event
Start time:13:00

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Host: Stephen Pentz

This webinar is co-hosted by the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care and the Adler Museum of Medicine.

Artists are by nature innovators. They make visible and audible the world around us through visual media, music, film, and theatre, and in so doing, they often seek to shift our perspective on the world as we experience it, even if, and perhaps especially because, we are challenged by what we see, feel, or hear. Both art and music are experiential and temporal, two aspects of the creative and performative act that have been challenged by recent circumstances. And in many ways, we can also see the art of medicine is equally experiential, temporal and performative, if in different ways. As art and music have always been part of the human experience and infused into many healing practices, this forum is an opportunity to reflect on the experience of artistic and creative innovators during the pandemic.

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