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Teaching South African and International Languages (TSAIL)

Enhance your language teaching skills

Being able to speak more than one language is an increasingly necessary skill. As a result, the demand for teachers of languages other than English is increasing - particularly in South Africa. The TSAIL course is based on the same principles as our TEFL course to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective language teacher.

TSAIL - is offered on a Full-time and Part-time basis. 

PLEASE NOTE: While we aim to return to face-to-face lessons as much as possible, with strict safety protocols in place, it may be necessary for some courses to run online. We will confirm this with your registration. 

Course Fee

The course costs R13 500.

Classes are subject to a minimum of 8 students. We reserve the right not to run a particular course in an intake if there is insufficient demand. 


The course is part-time and runs for 17 weeks (120 hours).




Participants who meet all minimum requirements for the course are awarded a certificate of competence. 

Programme Overview

The TSAIL course consists of both theoretical and practical components for teaching another language, such as IsiZulu, Sesotho, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Sign Language, etc.

During the input sessions, our trainers will cover theoretical aspects related to teaching a second or foreign language. These include language awareness, teaching methodology and basic principles.

The teaching practice component offers trainees the opportunity to present lessons to actual language students while receiving individual feedback from highly qualified trainers with local and international teaching experience. 

You are at the centre of your learning throughout the course. This is what makes Wits Language School's TSAIL course unique.


Teaching Communicatively, Classrom Management, Teaching Aids, Phonology, Teaching Vocabulary, Teaching Grammar, Teaching Listening Skills, Teaching Reading Skills, Teaching Speaking Skills, Teaching Writing Skills, Error Correction and Assessments.

Entry Requirements

Please ensure you meet the following requirements when applying for the course: 

  • Minimum 18 Years                             
  • Matric Certificate                                 
  • Mother-tongue Proficiency in the Language to be Taught (Assessed) 
  • Although you do not need a degree in order to the TESOL course, please note that several countries require this as part of the visa process for jobs. 
Career Opportunities

Teach your first language in language schools around the world.

The TSAIL course does NOT qualify you to teach in public schools in South Africa.

Course Dates

Full- Time: 

  • Intake 1: 06 February - 06 May 2023 
  • Intake 2: 22 May - 15 June 2023 
  • Intake 3: 03 - 28 July 2023 
  • Intake 4: 28 August - 22 September 2023
  • Intake 5: 02 - 27 October 2023
  • Intake 6: 06 November - 01 December 2023


  • Intake 1: 06 February - 06 May 2023
  • Intake 2: 28 August - 18 November 2023