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About us

Wits Sport and Health (WiSH) aims to enhance the lives of athletes and communities by offering sport and exercise medicine programmes, sourced from high calibre, internationally-recognised training programmes, to facilitate peak performance and rehabilitation.  Furthermore, it aims to unify public and private services for the benefit of Sports Science and Sports Medicine in the Greater Johannesburg region. WiSH is founded on three pillars, namely: Sport and Exercise Medicine Services, Academic Programmes and Research.

The WiSH-founding pillars are based on the following principles:

  • strong governance, leadership and management;
  • the attainment of academic excellence in Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) through high calibre, internationally-recognised training programmes; and lastly,
  • the unification of public and private services for the benefit of Sports Science and Sports Medicine.

SEM Services aim to provide access to a coordinated network of services, including a sports casualty facility in Johannesburg as an entry point to various centres of excellence in Sports Medicine and the treatment of sports injuries.  Such services will be accessible not only to the Wits Sports Teams, but will also be extended to include all sportsmen and women across the Johannesburg region. WiSH aims to establish  a network of accredited healthcare providers offering consultative services to individuals, sports clubs/teams, schools and universities in the region.

The Academic Programmes aim to provide courses, certificates, diplomas and post-graduate programmes in Sport and Exercise Medicine (including specialist training in SEM) that are of an international standard and exploit  the expertise inherent in  the academic and private sectors. Furthermore, a second component to the academic offering, Sport Science and Sport and Exercise Medicine conferences, short courses and seminars will constitute an impressive platform for sharing knowledge and engaging with the public, industry leaders and peers, both nationally and internationally, to develop knowledge, skills and improved practice in this sphere of interest.

Research in unity within the Faculty of Health Sciences, Wits Sport and the private SEM networks will be facilitated through the WiSH’s Research Director.  It will promote exercise as a common theme to permeate all schools within the faculty.