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WISH Podcasts

In each episode we will be interviewing local and international guests on all things related to Exercise Medicine, Sport and Health.

 Introduction to WISH

In this intro episode we briefly discuss the Wits Institute for Sport and Health, as Prof Jon Patricios answers some questions pertaining to the Institute. What is WISH and why was it created? What are the Institutions goals, and how can clinicians get involved? 

Concussions with Prof Jon Patricios

In this episode we ask Prof Jon all about concussions. Including administration in sport and rule changes, assessing and managing concussions, current trends in the literature, and what we can expect from the Consensus Statement in Paris 2020.

Tendinopathies with Prof Jill Cook

In this episode we discuss tendon injuries. What is a tendinopathy? How should we be treating it? Does the Continuum Model of tendon pathology still include all we know about overuse injuries in tendons? and a lot more.

Hydrotherapy with Maria Gerondoudis

Maria tells us all about Hydrotherapy; when it is indicated and contraindicated, how hydrotherapy is different to regular rehabilitation and how to effectively use the properties of water in order to gain the best outcomes during treatment, and a lot more.