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Wits Sport (WiSH) and Health would like to encourage everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the lockdown, kindly see below tips on how to stay active during lockdown.

  1. Being physically active during COVID-19
  2. Physical Activity for young people during COVID-19
  3. Being active during COVID-19 for vulnerable and at risk groups


Worldwide, athletes of all abilities have lost valuable training time to the COVID-19 crisis. Following a webinar featuring intensive care and sports medicine experts, Wits Sport and Health (WiSH) have produced a summary and guidelines for sport in the era of COVID-19. InsightFit have also teamed up with WISH to create a COVID-19 Return to Training Tool.

Use it to help you make a safe return to your training schedule: https://www.InsightFit.Com

WISH Covid-19 and Sport Guidelines

Risk Reduction and Stratification for Sport and Exercise



"Not Playing Games: Implications of COVID-19 for Sport"

This webinar draws on Wits medical experts associated with WiSH to update us on the current situation regarding infections in South Africa, what the evidence-based interventions are and contextualising the impact of the pandemic on active people and sport."

"Indian Association of Sports Medicine Webinar: New Vistas in Sports Medicine”

The Indian Association of Sports Medicine (IASM), Live Webinar Series presents: Dr. Jon Patricios (South Africa) - Sports Concussion, Dr. Peter Brukner (Australia) - Building Physician Leaders, Dr. Ashok Ahuja (India) - Overtraining & Recovery and Dr. Vijay Shetty (India) - PRP in Sports Injuries.

“Leadership Lessons through Cricket with Gary Kirsten, Dane Vilas & Ryan Cook”

This webinar draws on the leadership lessons learnt through cricket with panelists Gary Kirsten, Dane Vilas and Ryan Cook. 

Cricket : A pain in the back !!

This webinar is about managing back pain in the cricketer: featuring: Zac van Heerden - Exercise Physiologist, Sizwe Hadebe - TITANS/Proteas “A” Physio, Richard das Neves - Easterns head Coach and Biokineticist, Chair: Dr Lervasen  Pillay - SEM Physician, Erin Dayaram - Sports Podiatrist, Dr Samantha Nash - Neurosurgeon and Denise Polson - Sports Physiotherapist

From Clinician to Coach: My Rugby Rules

Dr Jon Patricios is in conversation with former sports physio and current Springboks Head Coach Jacques Nienaber in this webinar titled, From Clinician to Coach: My Rugby Rules 

Demystifying Sports Liability in the SA Context - Lessons and Case Studies

Quentin Leech SC is in converation with Adrian Carter (St Stithians Boys' College: Director of sport) talking about Demystifying Sports Liability in the SA Context

The Heart of the Matter - Sports cardiology essentials

WiSH in association with the South African Sports Medicine Association proudly hosts a Worldwide WISH webinar titled the Heart of the Matter with Prof Jonathan Drezner

The Athlete and Pain

WiSH Wednesday Webinar “The Athlete and Pain”. Renowned musculoskeletal physiotherapist Lorraine Jacobs discusses Persistent Pain in the Athlete. Hosted by Prof Benita Olivier of WiSH

Comrades Conquests

Dr Jon Patricios of WiSH is in conversation with Bruce Fordyce and Belinda Waghorn and Ludwick Mamabolo

Sleep and Exercise

WiSH Wednesday Webinar “Sleep and Exercise"  - Maximising sleep, enhancing performance: Dr Alison Bentley, a renowned sleep disorder specialist, discusses sleep and its relation to athletic performance with sports physician Prof Jon Patricios

Young Athlete

Worldwide WiSH Webinar "Young Athlete" - Wits researcher Dr Catherine Draper presents the importance of physical activity in early childhood and Dr Angela Smith (Philadelphia, USA) continues with physical development in the older child, touching on the debate around early sports specialisation

Injuries in Young Athletes

Worldwide WiSH Webinar: "Injuries in Young Athletes" - Paediatric sports medicine specialist Prof Andrew Gregory (Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, USA) presents his extensive experience in injuries in the young athlete, from school to Olympic level.

Bone Health

WiSH Wednesday Webinar: "Bone Health" - Dr Hayley de Wet, a specialist physician with an interest in bone health and osteoporosis, discusses appropriate and accurate bone screening of female athletes as well as hormonal and nutritional changes.

Female Physios in Sport - The role of Women in a Male Dominated Sport

Wits Sport and WiSH invites you to join a webinar with current Springbok Physio Rene Naylor and current English Premier League and Paris St Germain Consultant Sports Physio Helen Millson hosted by Nandi Buthelezi of Wits Sport, as they talk about their roles in professional sports teams, relationships with coaches and players, their highlights and pathway to success as well as the various challenges they faced along the way

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

Worldwide WiSH Webinar “RED-S” Dr Kate Ackerman (Female Athlete Program, Boston Children’s Hospital, USA) shares her in-depth knowledge of the complex topic of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport.

Rugby Mechanics

Worldwide WiSH “Rugby Mechanics”. Dr Dario Cazzola (University of Bath, UK), who specialises in human movement analysis and injury biomechanics, presents his work on spinal loading in rugby activities and rugby tackle mechanics.

Worldwide WiSH “Brain Games”

Worldwide WiSH “Brain Games” - Dr Willie Stewart (Neuropathologist, Scotland) talking on chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and Dr Franclo Henning (Neurologist, Stellenbosch) presenting on motor neuron diseases associated with sport-related concussion.

WiSH Webinar "The Dancer's Feet"

Worldwide WiSH "The Dancer's Feet" - Prof Nick Saragas, a specialist foot and ankle surgeon with 30 years’ experience, presents his vast knowledge on foot and ankle injuries in dancers and other athletes.

Worldwide WiSH “The Winning Mind”

Worldwide WiSH “The Winning Mind” - Chris Shambrook (GB Olympic Rowing Psychology Consultant Sydney 2000 – Rio 2016) combines extensive academic experience with expert knowledge of the psychology of elite performance in teams and individuals, in conversation with Duncan Woods (Performance Coach Believe Perform).

Worldwide WiSH "RTP after Infectious Diseases"

Worldwide WiSH "RTP after Infectious Diseases" - Prof Craig Young (Wisconsin, USA) has worked with Major League Baseball and the NBA during their "return to play" planning. He presents "Infectious Disease Prevention Planning for Sports in the Time of COVID-19.”

WiSH Webinar "Running Shoes"

WiSH Webinar "Running Shoes" - Sports podiatrist Dennis Rehbock discusses different types of running shoes, shoe 'anatomy', how to assess a runner's needs, and prescription basics, with fellow podiatrist Lauren Brown, hosted by physio and runner Belinda Waghorn.

WiSH Webinar “Bespoke Sports Nutrition”

WiSH Webinar “Bespoke Sports Nutrition” - Prof Louise Burke (Melbourne, Australia), a global expert on Sports Nutrition, discusses practical nutrition strategies that athletes and coaches can use to achieve optimum performance, hosted by Pippa Mullins of the WiSH Sports Nutrition Interest Group.

WiSH Webinar “Preventing Exertional Injury”

WiSH Webinar “Preventing Exertional Injury” - Dr Francis O’Connor COL(R) is a Professor in the Department of Military and Emergency Medicine, Uniformed Services University (Maryland, USA). He presents on exertional injury in athletes and soldiers, touching on exertional collapse, sudden cardiac death, heat stroke and rhabdomyolysis.

WiSH Webinar "Exercise Training: a Lifestyle"

WiSH Webinar "Exercise Training: a Lifestyle" Dr Phil Maffetone, with 40 years’ experience working with athletes, discusses balancing one’s lifestyle to help promote better performance and prevent injuries, thereby increasing the longevity of a runner’s career.

WiSH Webinar “Exercise is Medicine

WiSH Webinar “Exercise is Medicine” - Dr Georgia Torres (CESSM, Wits) is an Exercise Physiologist with 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. Chairing Exercise is Medicine South Africa, she presents on the benefits of physical activity and the importance of exercise prescription for health, hosted by hosted by Dr Robin Saggers of WiSH.

WiSH Webinar "Ethics in Sport Medicine"

WiSH Webinar "Ethics in Sport Medicine" - Showing leadership to protect athletes: Prof Mark Hutchinson (Chicago, USA) discusses leadership and teamwork in sports medicine to protect athletes, followed by Prof Margo Mountjoy (Rockwood, Canada) who speaks on protecting young athletes from abuse.

WiSH Webinar "Hydrotherapy - the Power of Gentle"

Maria Gerondoudis (Hydrotherapist at Aquatic Bodywork, SA) uses the gentle power of water to promote physical activity and healing for a range of conditions, followed by Prof Ben Waller (Aquatic Therapy Specialist, UK) who presents his research on aquatic therapy for osteoarthritis.

WiSH Webinar “SLAP Injuries”

Dr Peter Mercouris, a specialist radiologist with an interest and expertise in Musculoskeletal Radiology, discusses imaging and anatomy of SLAP lesions with a focus on MRI identification

WiSH Webinar “Rock Climbing Hand Injuries”

Jennifer Blenkinsop (Occupational Therapist, JHB) is a certified Hand Therapist with many years of local and international experience. She presents on the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of Rock Climbing Hand Injuries.

WiSH Webinar: Salivary Biomarkers of Concussion

Prof Tony Belli and Dr Patrick O'Halloran (Birmingham, UK) discuss the SCRUM Study which explores the status of mRNA biomarkers in the diagnosis of sport-related concussion, with Prof Jon Patricios of the WiSH Concussion Interest Group.

WiSH Webinar: Return to Exercise after Pregnancy

Dr Etti Barsky and Dr Corlia Brandt discuss the return to running and exercise postnatally, with Belinda Waghorn of the WiSH Running Interest Group.

WiSH Webinar: The Posterolateral Corner of the Knee

Dr Glen Vardi (Orthopaedic Surgeon, JHB) is a specialist Knee Surgeon with many years of experience. He presents current concepts of surgical reconstruction of the posterolateral corner with Dr Brad Gelbart (WiSH & JOSI).

WiSH Webinar: Healthcare Workers & Sport Bio-Bubbles

Dr Lervasen Pillay leads a panel discussion talking about experiences working in sporting bio-bubbles, including: physiotherapists Craig Govender and Cliffe Deacon, sport and clinical psychologist Toni Gaddie, and sports physicians Dr Konrad von Hagen & Dr Hashendra Ramjee.

WiSH Webinar: Patellofemoral Instability and Pain

Prof Ponky Firer, a world-renowned Knee Surgeon who has been specializing in knee surgery for over 40 years, draws on his vast experience in surgery and sport, hosted by one of his past fellows, Dr Jurek Pietrzak (Specialist Hip & Knee Surgeon, Wits).

WiSH Webinar: Cycling's Grand Départ

Dr Jarrad van Zuydam (Sports Physician, JHB) leads the peloton in a discussion of Pedalling Squares followed by Dr Adrian Rotunno (UAE Team Emirates Cycling) presenting the science and medical care behind the 2020 Tour de France victory by Tadej Pogačar.

WiSH Webinar: Cervical and Vestibular Implications of Concussion

Prof Kathryn Schneider (University of Calgary, Canada) discusses the assessment and management of concussion, drawing on her experience and research as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, with Prof Jon Patricios of the WiSH Concussion Interest Group.

WiSH Webinar: Running Shoe Technology

Podiatrist Sean Pincus (Cape Town, SA) discusses the energy efficiency differences between carbon and non-carbon plated running shoes, with fellow podiatrist Lauren Brown (Johannesburg, SA) of the WiSH Running Interest Group.

WiSH Webinar: Dehydration, NSAIDs and AKI in Athletes

Dr Claudia Do Vale (Mediclinic Morningside, Johannesburg) is a nephrologist and specialist physician in private practice. She talks about all things kidneys, including NSAIDs, dehydration and acute kidney injury in athletes.

WiSH Tendon Interest Group Meeting: Cortisone vs the Cuff

Dr Neil Cable (Netcare Linksfield, Johannesburg) is an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in shoulder surgery. He presents the pros and cons of cortisone injections in the treatment of rotator cuff tendinopathy.

WiSH Webinar: Clinical Interventions for Common Cycling Injuries

Dr Wendy Holliday is a Sports Physiotherapist with a PhD in Exercise Science. As one of the leading bike-fit bio-mechanic gurus, she will share her knowledge on clinical interventions for common cycling injuries.

WiSH Webinar: Groin & Hip Complexities and Rehabilitation

Helen Millson is a Sports Physiotherapist with vast international experience. Having completed a PhD in Sports Physiotherapy, she shares her knowledge of groin and hip complexities and rehabilitation.