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The International Journal of Critical Diversity Studies (IJCDS)

The International Journal of Critical Diversity Studies is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal that aims to provide a platform for critical engagement with hierarchies of power that create and sustain privilege and oppression along axes of difference. IJCDS contains original articles (research and theoretical) and book reviews and is published in June and November. All articles are submitted for anonymous peer reviewing by at least three referees.

Professor Melissa Steyn, the Editor-in-Chief for the IJCDS holds the South African National Research Chair in Critical Diversity Studies and has the overall responsibility to ensure that kind of knowledge produced in IJCDS serves an integral role of unlocking our national and global potential. The IJCDS Editorial Board consists of local and international prominent persons in key research institutes whose expertise represents the journal's wider scope.

Journal Administrator

Rudo Mzite


Tel: (011) 717 4779

ORCID number: 0000-0002-6215-094X


(Re)Imagining Liberations Special Issue

This SPECIAL ISSUE engages with dominant paradigms and concepts for imagining liberation and fashioning hope. Traditional paradigms such as nationalism, globalism and liberalism increasingly appear to conceal rather than reveal the nature and impact of dominations. Achievements of anti-colonial, anti-racist, feminist, queer, disability and other struggles may be facing a reversal as once again dominations, marginalisations and exploitations of those constructed as racial, ethnic, religious, national, sexed/gendered ‘others’ seem to be gaining currency.

]The planetary ecological crisis, global financial crises, expanding social inequalities, political and religiously motivated violence contribute to a climate of systematised and institutionalised domination and oppression. In such a world, it may seem that the odds are so stacked against the disempowered that they are structurally condemned to despair.

When the systems of domination are so durable and inventive, how can we enhance and redouble our efforts to bring about social justice? How should we reinvigorate our thinking on how contemporary societies may move beyond structures and systems of domination? How do we create horizons of hope envisioning a world in which our diversity is protected and valued? How do we advance efforts at the re-humanisation of the oppressed, and indeed, of the oppressor? How can we sharpen our critiques? How should critical scholarship and activism engage despair? How should hope inform critical scholarship? What kind of hope should this be?

The IJCDS is published by Pluto Journals and upon publication, individual articles can be located through the JSTOR database. Please contact the IJCDS editorial team with regards to any questions.