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Located in Yeka sub-city, Yeka Abado is found at the northeastern part of Addis Ababa, at the boarder of the city to Oromia Region. Condominium Housing dominate the residential building types of the area. Prior to the condominium construction in 2012, this area was predominantly agricultural land and farmers housing. While there are over 18,000 units of Integrated Housing Development Program (IHDP) in the area, it also has a mix of private real-estate developments, informal settlements, farmer resettlements and old properties of farmers. The real-estate development of the area is in the Oromia Region of Lege Tafo, outside the border of the city, which adjoins Yeka Abado condominium housing site.

Due to the vast number of residents moving into condominium housing, the area is getting more popular, attracting more people to either rent or buy the these units and properties from farmers or informal settlers. The population of the area has increased dramatically since the completion of the construction for condominium housing. A new Woreda (the smallest administrative unit of the city) has been formed for Yeka Abado under Yeka sub-city.