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Philosophy in/on translation

Research and reading group / Grupo de pesquisa e leitura

Our reading sessions take place every 2-3 months and have different set-ups. We may work with a seminal paper, a working paper or an already published work by one of our members or by a guest. After a few introductory remarks, the host opens the session with a quick presentation of the work in the question. This is followed by a discussion in small groups in multilingual breakout rooms. 


Dr Alice Leal
Wits University, South Africa

Dr Philip Wilson
University of East Anglia, UK 


Transphil Reading Series – 2023-24

Reading series based on the Special Issue of Perspectives “Philosophy in/on translation” (ed. Philip Wilson & Alice Leal, 2023)
The first publication of our group came out earlier this year, and the papers count over 4,000 views so far. To offer everyone an opportunity to (re)read the papers and discuss them, we have put together a reading series.


30 May 2023
3 pm GMT+1
Philip and Alice A tale of two disciplines? Philosophy in/on translation
25 July 2023
5 pm GMT+1
Piers Rawling Davidson on indeterminacy and ‘passing theories’: need translators worry?
25 October 2023
5 pm GMT+1
Saša Hrnjez Too late to trans-late? On belatedness and translation
06 December
3 pm GMT
Lisa Foran Untranslatability and the ethics of pause
20 March 2024
5 pm GMT
Samir Haddad Teaching with untranslatables in The Beast and the Sovereign Volume I
05 June 2024
2 pm GMT+1
Jonathan Joshua Egid How does philosophy learn to speak a new language?
24 July 2024
3 pm GMT+1
Melissa Pawelski Between ‘Körper’ and ‘Leib’ – Translating Michel Foucault’s concept of the body after Friedrich Nietzsche
15 October 2024 Stephen Noble Translation: a ‘dark secret' of philosophy?