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Translation and Interpreting Studies

The Department of Translation and Interpreting offers postgraduate degrees. These allow students to gain the expertise needed to work as language professionals. For undergraduates, a single course is offered to allow them to investigate the field. 


Exposure to a wide variety of texts in fields ranging from law and finance to literature and the media ensures that graduates are well-prepared to respond to the dynamic translation market.


Interpreting students are exposed to a variety of interpreting contexts and are trained by international, experienced conference interpreters in order to equip them for the demands of the profession.

Alongside the practical training offered students also become acquainted with the academic disciplines of translation and interpreting which cover a wide range of fields, including literature, film and adaptation studies, media, subtitling and dubbing, website localisation and multimedia.

Undergraduate Courses

Translation Methods and Practice (one module at third-year level)

This is a semester-long module aimed at undergraduates who have an interest in investigating the field of translation and interpreting. The course is designed to introduce students to the profession and give them an opportunity to try their hand at translation and interpreting.

Topics Covered:

  • The role of translation and interpreting in commerce and politics
  • Professional practice
  • Professional ethics
  • Theory of translation
  • Translation and technology
  • Multimedia translation
  • The translation of literature
  • The translation of song lyrics
  • The translation of comic books
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Postgraduate Programmes