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Student Engagement

Gender Justice Project logoPart of the GEO mandate is to engage students on issues related to gender and gender based harm. 

The Gender Justice Project is a volunteer program through which students work with the office. We have recognised the need to hear and raise student voices in our work of eradicating GBH on campus. The program allows students to learn while extending the work of the office. 

The following dimensions are covered by the program:

Knowledge Engagement: This is the sharing of knowledge and introduction to new knowledge necessary and relevant to the work of the GEO

Theoretical Engagement: This is engagement with theoretical concepts and frameworks on gender justice to further enhance students' conceptual capacity.

Skills Development: This is where students learn to develop personal skills in reading, facilitation, organizing, meditative practice, healing, creative thinking and analytical thinking.

Practical Engagement: This entails specific GEO projects that the volunteers work on, through the mandated work of the GEO and with the GEO's support.

 Students who volunteer with the GEO refer to themselves as GEO ADVOCS

Advocacy work

This is work done promoting the work of the GEO, teaching the wits community about GBH, about gender privilege and raising awairnes about the importance of supporting victims/survivors of GBH. It takes the form of campaigns, talks, discussions, presentations and activations.


The policies working-group reviews existing university policies to guage whether they are in line with the standards set out by GEO policy and procedure documents as well as other transformation bodies in the university space.The group then contributes towards improving the policies and in some cases develops new fameworks where there are gaps or loopholes.


Work in residences tackles gender issues specific to residences. The working-group identifies problems in Res policy interpretation, Res-culture/practice etc. and engages the relevant stakeholders via the GEO to rectify whatever is amiss. 

Victim Support

This group designs and implement initiatives aimed at supporting victims/survivors of GBV. Victim Support uses a holistic approach to healing and wellness, looking at mental health, physical stamina, creating more safe spaces for recovery, reading groups, support groups etc.