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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am not sure that my problem has a gender aspect, what should I do?You can send an email to Maria Wanyane ( to make an appointment to discuss the complaint and we will advise accordingly.


Does it make a difference if my problem relates to a staff member or student?No. GEO assists complainants regardless of whether the perpetrator is a student or staff member or indeed someone else such as a family member or a stranger.


If I come and talke to GEO, can I remain anonymous and the complaint confidential?

GEO is complainant driven - we retain the confidentiality of complaints unless a disciplinary process is chosen by the complainant.


Should I or someone I know be sexually assaulted, what should be done?

During office hours:

  • Notify GEO​ (011 717 9790). The office will provide advice as to options and processes, ensure a protective environment in which the matter can be addressed, and provide support throughout any subsequent processes.
  • If you cannot get hold of GEO, contact any of the SHAC members listed on the "Contact Us" page.
After hours/weekends/holidays:
  • Residence students: Notify the Director of Campus Housing and Residence Life, Rob Sharman (082 880 7866), or the Hall Coordinator or Warden at the relevant residence.
  • All Wits students and staff: If on campus, notify Protection Services ol (011 717 4444/6666), and the individual may be referred to Milpark Hospital. If the individual is not on campus, the individual should go to the nearest hospital and/or polce station as soon as possible. Post-Exposure Prophylaxis should be accessed immediately (but not later than 72 hours).