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Community Engagement
Community Engagement
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The Wits 2033 Strategic Framework and new 'For Good' focus highlight the University's commitment to Active Citizenship and Advocacy, which requires departments and schools to promote active citizenship and public engagement among staff and students in order to contribute to solutions to problems such as inequality and public health. This compels the SHCD to encourage student and staff civic engagement. Active Citizens connects people and supports them to develop their skills and knowledge in order to build more just and resilient societies.

The Community Engagement Committee of the SHCD commits itself to:

  • Promoting community engagement as an active form of academic citizenship
  • Promoting the development of academically based community service courses in partnership with communities and service providers.
  • Stimulating collaborative research activities which address the developmental needs of our society, and which serve the interest of the community.

Committee members:

  • Prof Karin Joubert (Chairperson) - Department of Audiology
  • Dr Refilwe Morwane – Department of Speech-Language Pathology
  • Dr Daniel Masilo – Department of Social Work
  • Lavanya Naidoo – Department of Speech-Language Pathology
  • Aisha Casoojee – Department of Audiology
  • Hayley Haynes-Rolando – Department of Psychology
  • Rudo Chiwutsi - Secretary