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Research Listing Page

The individual project pages provide details of current and previous research, published papers and conference presentations.

Journal articles


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Working Papers


Levinsohn, J., Rankin, N.A., Roberts, G. & Schöer, V. (2014) Wage Subsidies and Youth Employment in South Africa: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial, Stellenbosch Working Paper 02/14, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Rankin, N.A., Roberts, G. & Schöer, V. (2014) The Success of Learnerships? Lessons from South Africa's Training and Educaton Programme, UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2014/068, World Institute for Development Economics Research, Helsinki, Finland 


Schöer, V. & Shepherd, D. (2013) Compulsory Tutorial Programme in Undergraduate Microeconomics: A Regression Discontinuity Design, MPRA Paper 49716, University Library of Munich, Germany