Postgraduate studies at Wits

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Postgraduate Guide

Wits offers a comprehensive choice of postgraduate programmes. Each of our faculties offers study choices at the Honours, Masters and PhD level either full-time or part-time depending on the particular degree and by coursework or through research based programmes.

Many more careers are becoming multidisciplinary and people need to acquire new skills to match these ever-challenging roles. People are also changing their careers more often, creating the need to grow skills to keep up with these career moves.

Rapid developments in knowledge across disciplines also require us to constantly update our understanding and skills base. Life-long learning has become imperative.

Wits offers you the opportunity to become globally competitive and locally relevant with a qualification from one of South Africa’s leading universities. It is a university that is renowned for high-calibreibre graduates, academic standing and research capabilities. Wits challenges you to create new knowledge boundaries and to develop original thinking which is the cornerstone of intellectual growth. Our research focus ensures that Wits students and staff operate at the leading edge of disciplines.

Wits is dedicated to providing quality training to postgraduate students as one means of ensuring a continuous supply of active and motivated researchers, while at the same time enriching the University’s undergraduate teaching.