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Postgraduate Studies

The School supervises Honours, MSc & PhD students. There are approximately 70 postgraduate students registered in the School.

Honours in Experimental Physiology

The Honours course has two components, namely Coursework (PHSL4005) and Research (PHSL4006) delivered in the form of tutorials, seminars and research projects, and its purpose is to introduce students to physiological research. Students carry out research projects under supervision. For admission, the course requires at least a 60% pass in Physiology or a related discipline (e.g. Zoology, Biochemistry, Genetics, at recognised University) at the 3rd year level.

The course co-ordinators for this course are:

Postgraduate Physiology by Dissertation/Thesis (MSc & PhD)

The School offers MSc and PhD degrees in both the Faculties of Health Sciences and Science. Suitably qualified students with first degrees in Physiology or related disciplines, or with MBBCh degrees, are accepted for postgraduate study, part-time or full-time, in research fields of interest of staff. Partial funding through the Medical Research Council and/or the University can usually be arranged.

Interested students should contact:

Postgraduate Physiology Courses

The School offers clinically orientated tutorials for medical, dental and allied medical graduates taking higher degrees by course work.  Other clinicians who are interested in improving their knowledge for CPD purposes are also welcome. The courses offered are:

PHSL7000 (Oral Biology)

PHSL7001 (Physiology),

PHSL7002 (Physiology of Oral Sensation)

PHSL7003 (Physiology of Saliva). PHSL7004 (MMed Psych and MSc Paeds)

PHSL7016 (Applied Physiology for Advanced Diploma in Occupational Therapy)

PHSL7017 (Applied Physiology for Advanced Diploma in Physiotherapy and MSc in Physiotherapy)

The course co-ordinators for these courses are: