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Materials Physics Research Institute

Active Researchers

Prof. Somnath Bhattacharyya

My research interests include: Quantum transport properties and nano-electronics - Nano-Carbon based quantum devices for information science, Low-dimensional Carbon superlattice & fast nano-electronic devices, Carbon nanotubes & semiconductor nanowires: Optoelectronics, Quantum Transport properties of Nano-crystalline diamond, Electronic properties of Amorphous low-dimensional carbon thin films.


Prof. Darrell Comins

Prof Commins is Chairman, Materials Physics Research Institute, Director, Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory and Director, Raman and Luminescence Laboratory.



Prof. Trevor Derry

Research Interests: Ion implantation, ion beam analysis and surface studies.


Prof. Jonathan Keartland

Research Interests: Application of magnetic resonance techniques to solid systems including diamond, carbon nanomaterials and molecular solids; Physics Education.



Dr. Lesias Kotane

Research Interests: Organic photovoltaics; Elastic properties of solids; Physics education.

Dr. Hilary Masenda

Research Interests: Ternary nitrides, 2D materials and van der Waals heterostructures, Nuclear solid state physics, Optical Spectroscopy



Dr. Marjorie Mujaji

Research Interests: 
(i) Absorption spectroscopy and site-selective laser spectroscopy of defects in solids
(ii) Raman spectroscopy of superionic conductors


Prof. Deena Naidoo

Research Interests: Radioactive Mossbauer Spectroscopy; Transmission Mossbauer spectroscopy (Room Temperature and in-situ); Room Temperature Conversion Electron Mossbauer Spectroscopy (CEMS).

Dr. Abhishek Pandey

Research Interests: Investigation of novel quantum and applied materials that span single crystal growth, novel ground states, new superconductors, low-dimensional & quasi low-dimensional magnetic systems, and functional materials.



Prof. Elias Sideras-Haddad

Research Interests: Nuclear Structure; Nuclear-Solid State Physics.


Dr. Ibrahim Usman

Research Interests: Development of new materials for sensor and solar cell applications.


Prof. Daniel Wamwangi

Research Interests: Physics of Novel Materials for Energy and Information Storage. 

  1. Photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials: Organic photovoltaics and device physics, plasmonics and magnetoplasmonics for energy conversion and storage 
  2. Correlation behaviour in multiferroic oxides and chalcogenide alloys for information storage