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Staff Profile

Professor Darrell Comins

QualificationsPhD, BScHons, FRSSAF
Phone 0117176812
Organisational Unit School of Physics

  • Vibrational, optical and electronic and properties of condensed matter, elastic properties of solids and thin supported films, defects in solids, radiation damage and ion beam modification, phase transitions, high and low temperature, and high pressure properties of solids, crystal growth.
  • Techniques used include Brillouin and Raman light scattering spectroscopy, optical absorption and luminescence spectroscopy, ion bombardment and implantation, X-and gamma-ray irradiation, high temperature X-ray diffraction, crystal growth.

P rof Commins is Chairman, Materials Physics Research Institute, Director, Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory and Director, Raman and Luminescence Laboratory.