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Flow Cytometry Unit

Pathologist-in-charge: Professor Debbie Glencross

The Flow Cytometry unit is comprised of three laboratories that amalgamated under the leadership of Professor Glencross in 2012. These laboratories each perform specific functions that are outlined below. The Flow Cytometry unit is staffed by: four pathologists (Drs’ Elizabeth Mayne, Kim Kilfoil, Tracey Wiggill, Narisha Ramparsad), five scientists (Dr. Denise Lawrie, Dr. Lindi Coetzee, Catherine Worsley, Keshendree Moodley, Makoma Moselekwa), and a number of technologists and technicians. Clinical pathology and haematology registrars, as well as intern medical scientists and intern technologists rotate through the facility for training purposes.

The Flow Cytometry Unit is renowned for excellent quality control procedures and has national accreditation status (SANAS). Several local and international bodies have undertaken site successful inspections during the past year, including amongst others National Division of AIDS, US (DAIDS) (ACTG, IMPAACT, HPTN and MTN), SANAS, as well as the US FDA. This facility has provided laboratory support for most HIV-related, NIH-supported studies in the region. Local significant collaborations have included the Johannesburg based Perinatal HIV Research Unit (PHRU) as well as the Clinical HIV Research Unit (CHRU, directed by Professor Ian Sanne), specifically on the following studies and programs: 1) the CIPRA programme, 2) HVTN network studies (HVTN 040,050 and 403), 3) HPTN 040 4) ACTG 5208. Numerous NIH RO1-funded related HIV research studies have been concluded in the unit, including various studies of immune reconstitution in HIV (in collaboration with WISTAR in Philadelphia). There are several skilled flow cytometrists amongst the MSc and PhD scientists who work in the unit, who conduct these studies.