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Augmented Reality is here and Origins Centre has hopped on this train to give tourists and customer’s added value and an Origins Centre distinctive experience.

The launch of the Origins Centre AR App this autumn was a success – both for the museum industry and for Augmented Reality (AR).
After launching in April 2021, we have started to see a pick-up in users downloading the app.

Aside from simply being fun, a rich body of research also shows that AR can be incredibly valuable for exploring various cultural, historical, and geographic aspects of an environment.

The Origins Centre AR app typically operates on the basis of a user pointing their mobile device towards a specific image in the Origins Centre – in the Rock Engraving Archive (REA) or in the Spirit World – then wait to see the animal come to life on the screen.
Download the Origins Centre AR App with your friends and family and see how many animals you can find. This can be done from home if you have the label.

The next phase will include dinosaurs. That phase should go live around September this year.