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Our impact

We recognise that research impact can be measured in several ways, including peer-reviewed research articles and conference proceedings. In addition to these more traditional ways of determining impact, we appreciate that other impactful methods of disseminating our research findings include news articles and television interviews. Listed below, as well as under the News tab, are recent publications, conference proceedings and print and media interviews arising from the research.

Publications (by topic)
  • Audet CM, Ngobeni S, Wagner RG. Traditional healer treatment of HIV persists in the era of ART: a mixed methods study from rural South Africa. BMC complementary and alternative medicine. 2017 Dec;17:1-6.
  • Audet CM, Clemens EM, Ngobeni S, Mkansi M, Sack DE, Wagner RG. Throwing the bones to diagnose HIV: views of rural South African traditional healers on undertaking HIV counselling and testing. AIDS care. 2021 Oct 3;33(10):1316-20.
  • Audet CM, Ngobeni S, Mkansi M, Wafawanaka F, Aliyu MH, Vermund SH, Wagner RG. An unrecognized key population? Traditional treatment practices associated with HIV risk among traditional healers in rural South Africa. AIDS (London, England). 2020 Dec 12;34(15):2313.
  • Audet CM, Seabi T, Ngobeni S, Berhanu RH, Wagner RG. Pulmonary tuberculosis vs. Tindzhaka and Mafularha: A mixed methods inquiry of traditional healers’ perceptions of tuberculosis in rural South Africa. PLOS Global Public Health. 2023 Apr 21;3(4):e0001611.
Mental, Neurological & Substance Use
  • Audet CM, Ngobeni S, Graves E, Wagner RG. Mixed methods inquiry into traditional healers’ treatment of mental, neurological and substance abuse disorders in rural South Africa. PloS one. 2017 Dec 19;12(12):e0188433.
  • Audet CM, Gobbo E, Sack DE, Clemens EM, Ngobeni S, Mkansi M, Aliyu MH, Wagner RG. Traditional healers use of personal protective equipment: a qualitative study in rural South Africa. BMC health services research. 2020 Dec;20(1):1-6.
  • Audet CM, Shepherd BE, Aliyu MH, Moshabela M, Pettapiece-Phillips MJ, Wagner RG. Healer-led vs. clinician-led training to improve personal protective equipment use among traditional healers in South Africa: a randomized controlled trial protocol. Global Health Action. 2021 Jan 1;14(1):1898131.
  • Mutale W, Matenga TF, Wagner R, Clemens E, Audet CM. Integrating Traditional Healers into the Health Care System: Challenges and Opportunities in South Africa. Medical Journal of Zambia. 2020;47(4):305-12.
Conference presentations

Audet CM, Seabi T, Oyekunle T, Wagner RG. Healer-led vs. Clinician-led training to improve Personal Protective Equipment Use among Traditional Healers in South Africa. AIDS Impact 2023. (Poster)

June 2023
Stockholm, Sweden

Audet CM, Mabuza W, Carty T, Seabi T, Mnisi P, Wagner RG. Traditional Healer-Initiated HIV Counseling and Testing in Rural South Africa. AIDS Impact 2023. (Oral)

June 2023
Stockholm, Sweden

Wagner RG, Ngobeni S, Audet CM. Are Tindzhaka and Tuberculosis the same illness? Working with Traditional healers in rural Bushbuckridge, Rural Health Conference (Oral)

August 2019
Port Shepstone, South Africa

Morris M, Audet C, Wafawanaka F, Ngobeni S, Wagner RG. Investigating the effect of Epilepsy across the life course in Agincourt, South Africa (The Epilepsy CARE study), Wits’ School of Public Health Research Day.

November 2017
Johannesburg, South Africa

Audet CM, Ngobeni S, Mkansi M, Wafawanaka F, Aliyu MH, Kahn K, Wagner R. Occupational hazards of traditional healers in rural South Africa: Bloodborne pathogen exposures and risk of HIV transmission. XXII International AIDS conference (Poster)

July 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Audet CM, Ngobeni S, Wagner RG. Is It Tindzhaka Or Tuberculosis? A Study Of Traditional Diagnosis And Treatment Among Healers In Bushbuckridge, South Africa. American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. (Oral)

November 2016
Atlanta, USA

Audet CM, Ngobeni S, Wagner R. Claims of a Cure: use of CD4 cell count results to guide traditional treatment in Bushbuckridge, South Africa. XXI International AIDS Conference. (Oral)

July 2016
Durban, South Africa

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