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About Ntirhisano

Ntirhisano is an MRC/Wits-Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Unit (Agincourt) research workstream that aims to establish a model for traditional healer integration into the primary healthcare system to improve acute and chronic health outcomes among people living in rural South and southern Africa.

The fight against HIV/AIDSSenior Research Fellow at the MRC/Wits Agincourt Research Unit Dr Ryan Wagner, spoke to eNCA.
NtirhisanoEngaging Traditional Healers to strengthen HIV Counselling and Testing services. This video highlights ongoing work at the MRC/Wits Agincourt Research Unit.
Healthcare in SAFew traditional healers receive PPE. Ryan Wagner spoke with eNCA's Dan Moyane.
  • 1 Adornments
  • 2 Gogo Grace
  • 3 Gogo Busi
  • 4 Gogo Glorence

Images from the traditional healer-initiated HIV counselling and testing initiative in rural South Africa (photos by Sandra Maytham-Bailey)