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Toward a quantum future for South Africa

- WitsQ

The challenge for SA QuTI is to create a quantum ecosystem, where science leads to innovation, and innovation to economic benefit.

A paper published in AVS Quantum Science by Distinguished Professor Andrew Forbes, Director of WitsQ and Director of the Structured Light Laboratory in the Wits School of Physics and colleagues Francesco Petruccione and Filippus S. Roux, introduces the newly formed South African Quantum Technologies Initiative (SA QuTI) to the international quantum community.

Wits University is coordinating SA QuTI, South Africa’s national quantum initiative that aims to drive local quantum technology research and innovation.


South Africa has a long history in quantum research with an explosion of activity in the recent decade. Bolstered by this momentum, in March 2021, the South African Quantum Technologies Initiative (SA QuTI) was formally launched by the South African Department of Science and Innovation with the first seed funding released in September 2021. SA QuTI puts quantum technology firmly on the national agenda with ambitious aims for a quantum industry in South Africa. Here, the authors report this to the international quantum community and share their perspectives on what this means for South Africa’s quantum future.

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