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Humans are facing a #Watershed moment in our efforts to secure a collective future.

“We live in a world characterised by urbanisation, industrialisation, burgeoning populations, globalisation, pollution, and climate change. All of these present myriad, complex, interconnected problems that affect societies already burdened with inequality, poverty and dwindling natural resources.”

“These challenges require transdisciplinary solutions that traverse the natural, technical and societal spheres. Universities and their partners in the private and public sectors are best placed to tackle these,” says Professor Zeblon Vilakazi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Postgraduate Affairs, in the latest issue of Curiosity.

The fourth issue of Wits University’s new research magazine, Curiosity, this time themed #Watershed, is available online now.

Wits is at the forefront of water research and development. Across faculties, disciplines and entities, our academics and students explore water systems and the environment; water recovery in industry; water and society; and water education.

These are themes interrogated in #Curiosity 4: Watershed, which also demonstrates how Wits is developing the next generation of leaders entrusted with securing our collective future. Their research is featured in these stories and more:

  • Turning crisis into opportunity: Lessons from Cape Town’s water shortage
  • The heat of acid mine drainage
  • The People’s Water Charter
  • Whose water is it anyway?
  • WASH – a pipeline to saving lives

#Curiosity 4 also looks at “Watershed”, an exhibition that enmeshes the arts and science to provoke new thinking about water. The aim is to facilitate conversations and build collaborations across creative arts practice and theory, the humanities, and the social, natural and physical sciences.

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