Curiosity 5: #Mandela100
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Curiosity 5: #Mandela100

Curiosity, August 2018: In this issue we celebrate 100 years of Nelson Mandela and explore his impact over a lifetime: as a son, a man, a husband, a freedom fighter, a prisoner, a president, a leader, a peacemaker, a pioneer, an elder and a global icon.

In this issue:

  1. At the end of the Rainbow: Nelson Mandela embodied kaleidoscopic reconciliation in 1994 but what is the prism fracturing his legacy in 2018?
  2. It’s in your hands: Blaming Mandela for all that has gone wrong conveniently shifts introspection from the mistakes subsequent leaders have made
  3. The 47-year-long Wits LLB that never was

Featured stories: