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Registration for new and returning students

- Wits University

All successful applicants and returning students can register online from home.

Online registration for new first year students opens on 10 January 2020. Assisted registration on campus is also available for students who are unable to register online. Each faculty at Wits has specific days when they are available for Assisted Registration on campus. New first year students will be assisted with registration on campus from 13 January 2020.

Click here for the 2020 registration dates.

FAQs by the Media – Enrolments, Fees and Accommodation

Below are answers to frequently asked questions by the media on applications, admissions, fees and accommodation.

1) How many applications did Wits receive for first year studies in 2020?   

The University received 68 752 for first year studies.

2) How many first years can the University admit?


3) Which programmes attracted the highest number of applicants?

Engineering (across all eight branches) received approximately 19 000 applications, 17036 for Bachelor of Science and 13113 for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

4) Why were the above three courses in such high demand?

The ranking and the reputation of the University’s academic programmes in these areas are a contributing factor. Wits has highly valued Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programmes.

5) Are there still available places in any course including the three most popular ones?

Applications for undergraduate studies closed on 2 October 2019, however, all courses in the Faculty of Health Sciences closed on 30 June 2019. Architecture, audiology, speech pathology, and film and television also closed on 30 June 2019. The University does not accept late applications. Currently provisional offers are being made to consistent top academic performers and final offers will be made to applicants once the final matric examination results are released by the relevant authorities.

6) How many applications were received for first year medicine?

Wits received 14 000 for 220 spaces.

7) When is registration?

Details of the 2020 registration process are available online via


8) How much are fees for 2020? 

Fees are calculated by subject choice. Please visit this link



9) What is the number of beds owned and managed by Wits that are available to students in 2020?

The number of beds available in University owned and managed residences for 2020 is 6506.

10) How many first year students will Wits accommodated in 2020?

The University is aiming to accommodate at least 2500 first year students at Wits residences in the year 2020. The plan is to have 50% of all residence spaces occupied by first year students in the 2021 academic year and beyond.

The University seeks to increase the number of first year students staying at its residence in order to ensure a smooth transition from high school to University. Research shows that first year students have a higher success rate if they reside at a university owned/managed residence when starting University. This is due to the additional support and programmes provided at residences, which create a conducive academic and social environment for success at university.

Furthermore, first year students are more vulnerable to the challenges that come with moving to a new environment, particularly a dynamic city environment lie our metropolitan, compared to senior students.

11) The new policy to increase the number of first year students will affect returning students. How was the University prepared for this?

The Residence Admission Policy was approved by Council based on the above concerns. The University will phase in the Policy responsibly and all affected students will be accommodated in private student accommodation (approved by the University). Campus Housing and Residence Life published the list of approved properties in December 2019 in order to allow students sufficient time to prepare for 2020. The approved properties will be monitored regularly to ensure compliance with the terms of Approval/ Accreditation.

12) What are the costs of accommodation for 2020?

2020 Fees are available via: Fees vary according to the type of facility whether its self-catering or catering; single or sharing and the meal plans selected.