Registration 2018
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Register online for the 2018 academic year

  • Registration is the process of enrolling for your academic programme at Wits. 

  • All successful applicants and returning students are required to register with the University before beginning their studies.

  • Please follow the links below to find your registration dates and relevant information.

Additional information

International students

Click here to read the pre-registration information that relates to international students and then register as per the student category that applies to you.

University accommodation

Will you be moving into a university residence? If so, please read this information, as well as the information relevant to your academic registration.

Online registration guide

Click here to see the steps you need to follow during the online registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registrations and Graduations 2018

Student Responsibility Document

Useful and important information you need to know.

NSFAS and Bursary Scheme FAQs