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School of Mathematics - About Us

The School of Mathematics (which is distinct from the Schools of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Actuarial Science) offers a broad range of courses from first year mathematics up to and including doctorate level. It is a prestigious, internationally recognised school with a strong teaching commitment and active research programmes.

It offers courses necessary for study in engineering, other mathematical sciences such as applied mathematics, computer science, physics as well as the life sciences and architecture.

Mathematics Education falls under the umbrella of Science Education and is distinct from the School of Mathematics.

The School is governed by an Executive Team that includes the Head, coordinators of courses and postgraduate affairs, the finance administrator, inter alia.

General staff meetings are held once each quarter, at which staff are invited to advise on general policy. Special staff meetings are held from time to time for the discussion of specific issues.

The John Knopfmacher Centre for Applicable Analysis and Number Theory is an autonomous research structure, with invited members coming from the school and elsewhere.