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Research and Publications

The Mandela Institute understands the role of research institutes and centres of excellence in building capacity and providing specialist research services to the public, civil society and private sector. Academic research should complement and support policy formulation, development and evaluation to add value to the services offered by universities to the country. The Institute can harness the research capacity in the School of Law towards this objective.

The Institute’s current research agenda focusd on:

  • the legal and economic policy questions arising from disruptive technological change, including its impact on, for example, economic distributions and inclusion, the development and implementation of competition law and policy, or the protection of privacy rights and personal data;
  • international and regional economic regulation and integration, with special attention being given to issues arising from the implementation of the newly established African Continental Free Trade Area;
  • climate change, particularly from the perspective of achieving climate justice on the African continent; and
  • the regulatory capabilities of the South African state in a globalised world, particularly in relation to economic issues of a systemic nature.

The research and policy advisory services offered by the Institute are principally in the areas above. However, depending on the needs of the public and private sector we can potentially offer research and policy consultants, advisory and commissioned research services in most of the areas of expertise of our School of Law and the Institute’s academics and researchers.