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LINK Public Policy Paper

March 2023

Unlocking Local Digital Economies through Tech Hubs: What We Are Learning from Digital Mandhwane

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By Kgopotso Magoro, Luci Abrahams, Mark Burke, Neo Magoro, Moshe Masonta, Claire Milne and Risuna Shilenge

This short policy paper draws lessons from surveys and from three community engagement
exercises carried out in August 2022 by the University of the Witwatersrand, LINK Centre and
Mamaila Community Network. The community engagement is supported by an Association for
Progressive Communications (APC) grant as part of the Socio-Political Advocacy for Community
Networks Engagement (SPACE) initiative. SPACE is a capacity and movement building
mentorship programme led by the Local Networks initiative, which is jointly implemented by APC
and Rhizomatica. The aim of the mentorship programme is to support women, gender-diverse,
queer and trans individuals to take on leadership roles in community networks advocacy.