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LINK Centre contacts

If you are interested in studying or collaborating with the LINK Centre, please contact one of the following members of our teaching and research team:

PhD and Master's programmes: Dr. Lucienne Abrahams, Centre Director,, cc: Nokhanyo Yolwa,

The African Journal of Information and Communication (AJIC): Dr. Lucienne Abrahams, Corresponding Editor,; and Dr. Chris Armstrong, Publishing Editor, 

Telecommunicatons, Policy, Regulation and Management (TPRM) Certificatate Programme: Coordinator: Nokhanyo Yolwa, 

Broadcasting and Digital Media Policy-Regulatory Trends Certificate Programme: Convenor: Prof. Justine Limpitlaw, Visiting Adjunct Professor, Nokhanyo Yolwa,

Frontiers in Digital Government Certificate Programme: Convenor: Mark Burke, Visiting Researcher,; Coordinator: Nokhanyo Yolwa, 

Cybersecurity Professional Practice and Leadership Certificate Programme: Convenor: Dr. Kiru Pillay, Visiting Researcher,; Coordinator: Nokhanyo Yolwa, 

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Practice Certificate Programmes (Levels 1, 2, 3): Convenor: Dr. Lucienne Abrahams, Centre Director,, cc: Nokhanyo Yolwa, Coordinator,

Postal Policy and Regulation for the Digital Era Certificate Programme: Convenors: Dr. Lucienne Abrahams, Centre Director,, and Brian Mwansa, Head: Postal Services, Communications Regulators' Association of Southern Africa (CRASA),; cc: Nokhanyo Yolwa, Coordinator,

Research and Consultancy Services: Dr. Lucienne Abrahams, Centre Director, luciennesa@gmail.comcc: Nokhanyo Yolwa,

General short course and degree enquiries: Nokhanyo Yolwa,, tel: +27-71-939-8867