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The average rate is around $1 = R14.00 – R16.00.
The figures are to be used as guidelines only. Please note that prices are correct at the time of going to print.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is levied on most goods and services in South Africa. The current rate is 15% which is usually included in the marked price. Non-South African citizens or residents may claim back VAT on items taken out of the country provided the total value exceeds a specific amount. Documentation as proof will be required at the point of exit.

Bread 1 Loaf  R12.00 - R15.00 
Potatoes 1 Kilogram  R15.00 - R25.00 
Milk 2 Litres  R20.00 - R25.00 
Eggs 1 Dozen  R23.00 - R30.00 
Pizzas   R70.00 - R150.00 (depends on the size) 
Monthly groceries/meals for one person    R2,000 - R4,000


Computer Desktop +/- R10,000
Laptop +/- R15,000

R1,000 - R2,500 (locally printed)

+/- R2,000 (imported)

Bus Ticket R350 - R500 per month
Minibus Ticket R15.00 single trip (depends on the distance


  Rand (ZAR) US$ Rand (ZAR) US$
Rent* 5,500 336 66,000 4,400
Groceries/Meals 2,300 146 26,400 1,760
Transport* 525 35 6,300 420
Data Costs* 500 33 6,000 400
Pocket Money 1,000 67 12,000 800
TOTAL 9,725 617 116,700 7,780

*Rental is for one bedroom apartment in the city. The amount quoted excludes electricity and water, which amounts to R400.00 – R800.00 per month depending on usage.

*Data Costs: this is dependent on the network service provider and the package perference.

*Transport: this amount is for the Metro Bus Service. The amount will vary depending on the area that you are traveling from.

*Private/Metered Taxi fares are considerably higher than minibus taxis or buses. The fare will also vary depending on the distance.