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Laying a solid foundation for the future of Palaeosciences in South Africa

Grounded by South Africa’s unique evolutionary timeline, we aim to support and drive the highest quality research across four major research themes.

Research Focus Themes

 1. Evolutionary Processes:

This theme includes studying the timing of evolutionary events, characterising the global geographic distribution of fossil taxa, investigating the nature of functional morphology, and exploring critical innovations in morphological evolution.

2. Cultural and Behavioural Evolution:
This theme aims to explain key transitions in hominin behaviour and innovation.

3. Palaeo-environments and Palaeoclimates:
This theme includes advancing the understanding of earth systems, ecosystems and biodiversity.

4. Palaeosciences and its Publics:
This theme redefines how Palaeosciences are communicated by giving it a sense of value. There is a need to acknowledge, understand, and be inclusive of the different sectors of society and its attitudes towards Palaeosciences.

Funding Highlights

Breaking boundaries and driving inclusivity.
Our commitment to creating opportunities and enabling access through open collaboration and inclusive research programmes knows no bounds.