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We are GENUS.

Knowledge centre. Network leader. Explorer.

GENUS is a collective knowledge hub and an inclusive network for Palaeosciences in Africa. Dedicated to studying the origins of species, we see beyond the science to inspire researchers and citizens to find meaning in the past and inform our decisions for a better future.

With South Africa’s unmatched fossil and archaeological record at our feet, we enable ground-breaking discoveries that move Palaeosciences forward, encourage cross-discipline collaboration, and make knowledge accessible to all.

Through our broad international and local network, we provide access to a valuable repository of tools, information, funding, technology and support. This empowers emerging researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and postgraduate students to further their research, grow their network and contribute to discovering sustainable solutions for society and the environment.

Introducing Leti - the newest member of the Homo naledi fossils

The first partial skull of a Homo naledi child has been found in the remote depths of the Rising Star Cave System in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site near Johannesburg, South Africa.

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