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Palaeoscience Impact

Making an impact. Now and for generations to come.

Not only do the Palaeosciences unearth the secrets of our past spanning back 3.6 billion years, they also have the power to make significant and positive changes to the world as we know it today. 

Modern biological conservation and human medicine Fossilised remains of distant relatives that lived millions of years ago in a different climate are the most reliable proxy for conserving modern species and understanding human health.
Curiosity is core to being human The thirst for knowledge is a fundamental human trait. Palaeoscience acts as a gateway science, providing insights into past worlds and animals that capture the imagination and encourage critical thinking.
National pride Through our shared history, geographical advantage and unmatched fossil collection, we can instil national pride, where every citizen has the potential to become a custodian of their own heritage.
Education for the future is a lifelong journey New methods, data streams, computing systems and AI in the Palaeosciences will help build digital skills and introduce students to a wider range of career opportunities.
Heritage tourism By attracting tourists, many sites and museums contribute to social and economic growth in urban and rural areas. Heritage tourism plays an important role in inclusiveness, commemoration and the formation of national identity.
Shared origins and societal change For the last 300 000 years, Homo sapiens have shared a common ancestry that has its origins in Africa. These strong bonds create a sense of community, bringing us together via our shared heritage.