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It’s complicated … but let’s talk about #Gender

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Read the 13th issue of Curios.ty, themed: #Gender. We feature research across the gender spectrum that aims to ensure a more equitable and tolerant society.

Curiosity 13: #Gender © Wits University, which celebrates 100 years of research excellence in 2022, we proudly advance knowledge that is responsive to a new generation – a world where non-binary and gender fluidity are increasingly prevalent, and people claim their unique identity as complex individuals who live and love across a spectrum.

In this issue of Curiosity, we feature research across disciplines that relates to gender, feminism, masculinity, sex, sexual identity and sexual health: 

  1. Beyond the binary (Page 8): “We need to see transgender people in our courts, at the police station, in the clinics, that is how we start to change society”.
  2. The politics of a woman’s body (Page 12): The backsliding of women’s rights happening right now should be the clarion call that gender rights are still everybody’s business.
  3. [Warning: Content in this article might be potentially disturbing] The knife between her thighs (Page 14): Female genital mutilation – the under-researched killer that is increasing at an alarming rate in South Africa.
  4. Know your gender language: A South African lexicon of terms (Page 30-31): Qhawekhazi (isiXhosa); Ya sa tsotelleng bong (Sesotho); Basha (Swahili); Uthingo (isiZulu); Tshelabong (Setswana).
  5. Being queer in Africa (Page 32): “In pre-colonial times, being queer (in Africa) was acceptable. We have queer ancestors all over the continent. That history has been demonised, erased and further oppressed by religion”. 

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