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Curios.ty 10, #Mood, explores mental health now and in the next decade

- Curiosity

By 2030, mental health will be the single largest global challenge we will face (World Health Organization).

The 10th issue of Wits University’s research magazine, Curios.ty, themed: #Mood, is available online now: 

Curiosity 10, #Mood © answers pertinent questions around mental health and wellbeing through expert analysis and commentary on mental illnesses and neurosciences broadly, as well as the socio-economic, political, psychological, legal, ethical, cultural, technological and other interpretations thereof. Wits researchers shed light on ADHD, suicide, depression, grief, Alzheimer’s disease, euthanasia, and other mental health-related matters.

#Mood also makes a critical contribution to Covid-19, the biggest pandemic in our lifetime, which has shaped the mental health and wellbeing for generations to come.


  1. Is South Africa driving us mad? (page 8): We live in a state of constant high alert in South Africa; does an environment like this also build resilience?
  2. Save your sanity with sleep (page 16): Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your physical health and mental wellbeing; find out if napping matters.
  3. Traditional answers to mind-body-spirit questions (page 32): Indigenous knowledge is critical in helping people cope with mental health issues that western medicine may not address.
  4. How your tribe affects your vibe (page 34): We are influenced by those with whom we associate most closely and the Covid-19 lockdown has exposed us for who we really are. What are the implications?

About Curios.ty

Curiosity is a print and digital magazine that aims to make the research at Wits University accessible to multiple publics. Curios.ty is available on the Wits website here:

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