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Our events

African Urbanisms: Critical Engagements, Transformative Practices, Alternative Futures

Organised by the Wits-TUB-UNILAG Urban Lab. The call for sessions closes 21 January 2024. The conference is hosted by the School of Architecture and Planning, University of the Witwatersrand, 23-26 October 2024.

Faces of the City seminars

Faces of the City is a seminar series run jointly by CUBES, the South African Chair for Spatial Analysis and City Planning (SC&CP), the Gauteng City Region (GCRO) and the School of Architecture and Planning. The series is scheduled 16h00-17h30 on Tuesdays during term time. The seminars are offered online, with some seminars blended to allow for face-to-face interaction.

To join the mailing list for weekly programme updates, please sign up using this link. The weekly programme is posted here.

Wits-TUB-UNILAG Urban Lab Conference 2024

The Wits-TU Berlin-University of Lagos Urban Lab project is organising a conference at Wits University in Johannesburg 23-26 October 2024 focusing on Urban issues on the African continent. This will collaborate with networks such as the African Association of Planning Schools, the African Urban Research Initiative and a network of urban research entities at South African universities.

Southern African Cities Studies Conferences

Since 2009, the SACSC series has provided an interdisciplinary forum for researchers examining urban issues in Southern Africa. The most recent conference in 2020, was hosted by the CUBES, the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO), and the South African Research Chair in Spatial Analysis and City Planning, in association with a network of South African urban research units. 

Feminising urban struggle online international seminar 

In partnership with academic institutions in Brazil, Tanzania and the Netherlands, CUBES organised the online international seminar titled Feminising Urban Struggle: bodies, territories and politics in women’s production and reproduction of peripheral spaces. Click here for more information.