Spatial Analysis and City Planning

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Faces of the City

25 July

Gender and the City: modes, methods and means: reflections from the Gender Urban Research Workshop

Margot Rubin

01 August

‘Global China’ (un)scripted. Towards a relational approach of urban shifts in Southern Africa

Romain Dittgen

08 August

“Can we make land markets efficient and city plans accessible? The case of OneCity.”

Yuriy, Miriam and others

15 August

Virtual Launch: Handbook on Planning and Power

Tanja Winkler, Kristina Grange, Ozlem Atalay, Petra Doan, James Duminy, Andy Inch, Hilary Malson and Marlyana Azyyati Marzukhi

22 August

Turquoise Urbanism: Keeping Blue Collars in Green Cities?

Yonn Dierwechter

28 August

Virtual Launch of the Book Concrete City. Material Flows and Urbanization in West Africa

Armelle Choplin