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Combinatorial Structures and Finite Groups



Professor J. Moori, North-West University

 Professor P. Dankelmann, University of Johannesburg

 Professor B. Rodrigues, University of Kwazulu-Natal

 Professor S. Wagner, Stellenbosch University



This Special Session is going to be the same as previous sessions organized in the SAMS Annual Congresses. It should include all the talks on Codes, Designs, Graphs, Finite Geometries, Finite Groups and Representation Theory of Finite Groups and other related topics. The main justifications for having this session is to report on the new results in these areas and emphasis the inter play that exists between Combinatorial Structures and Finite Groups. In previous years, this session attracted more than 30 national and international speakers in each year.

If you intend to participate and present your work in our session please indicate this during registration and when you submit an abstract of your talk. You should also send a copy of your abstract to J Moori (