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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Optimal treatment of heart disease, perhaps more than any other disease entity, requires the harmonious interaction of a number of different medical specialists, nurses, and perfusionists.

To attain excellence in Cardiothoracic Surgery, an intimate, mutually respectful, intellectually focused, and committed interaction of all members of this multidisciplinary team is essential.

Surgical results reflect not only the competence of the surgical team but also the quality of  cardiologists, anaesthesiologists, radiologists, intensivists, specialized nurses in the operating room, intensive care unit, and on the floor, and of a team of experienced and specialized cardiopulmonary perfusionists.

“Cardiac surgery represents a challenge in surgical technique comparable to that of the music of Liszt to the pianist, the Olympics to the athlete or Mount Everest to the climber.  The reward of the surgeon is not only the thrill of accomplishment, as it might be to the musician or athlete or climber, but is also the health and happiness of many of his patients”.

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