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Intensive Care Unit - Ward 576

Wd 576 is a 10 bed, multi-disciplinary I.C.U. This includes medical, gynae, surgical, trauma and cardiothoracics.

Examples of spectrum of patients treated includes:

  • Medical- Status epilepticus, Status asthmaticus, Pneumonia, Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, Lupus, Oncology, Renal Failure etc.
  • Surgical- Aortic Aneurysm Repairs, Pancreatitis, Various post-op cases etc.
  • Gynaecology- Incomplete septic abortions, Pre-eclamptics, HELLP syndrome etc.
  • Trauma- Gunshot wounds, Polytrauma, Stabbings etc.

576 is the secondary referral hospital for Viral Haemorragic Fevers including Congo Fever and Ebola Virus.

The unit is staffed by approximately 70 nursing and axillary staff. The nursing staff work 12 hour shifts. There is a 1:1 sister:patient ratio.

576 is part of the University of the Witwatersrand Teaching Complex. Professor Guy Richards is in charge of unit. There are also 2 anaesthetists, 3 physicians and numerous registrars and medical officers who are undergoing training.

576 is an exciting unit in which to work. The cases are varied and challenging. Most of the patients are ventilated. Many require invasive monitoring ie. swan-ganze catheterization and intra arterial monitoring etc. Dialysis is often required, both intermitent haemodialysis and CVVHD. There is therefore great scope for learning proceedures.

The Unit is well recognised internationally and doctors who have trained here can be found in ICU s all over the world.