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Centre for Health Science Education

The vision of the Centre for Health Science Education (CHSE) is to enable an innovative, adaptive and collaborative learning environment in the Faculty of Health Sciences built on excellence and scholarship.

The transformative journey of becoming a healthcare scientist or professional requires a multitude of steps along the pathway. The CHSE works to encourage a cooperative learning culture where experiences crafted in different experiential environments all contribute to intentional meaning-making for the student.

Health science education requires training in various contexts, with many of the staff involved working as healthcare providers in service to the health of the nation. To facilitate significant learning experiences for students, the CHSE promotes strategic curriculum design and engagement which is responsive to the needs of communities. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the programmes assures agility of curricula, relevance of teaching and appropriateness of assessment, whilst encouraging an education focused community of practice.

CHSE provides opportunities for staff across all teaching platforms to engage in professional development as university teachers, providing training based on institutional frameworks and plans. Through a variety of workshops and webinars, CHSE assists staff to develop a blended approach to designing student learning experiences and empowers them to incorporate technological innovation in their teaching. For those seeking formal education, CHSE offers two degree programmes for qualification as health science educators; a postgraduate diploma and a Masters degree in health science education.