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Centre for Health Science Education

The Centre for Health Science Education’s primary responsibility is the development of teaching expertise in the Faculty of Health Sciences. This is largely achieved through its Faculty Development programme. Contributing to the work of the Centre are three other units that seek to promote innovative and dynamic health science curricula – community-based education, interprofessional education and research. Two formal education programmes are offered by the Centre.


To craft an innovative, adaptive and collaborative learning environment built on excellence and scholarship.


  • To encourage a collaborative learning culture.
  • To build an education focused community of practice.
  • To promote scholarship in teaching and learning.
  • To design curricula that are responsive to the needs of communities.
  • To advocate for and establish dynamic working relationships with communities.
  • To assure quality through ongoing monitoring and evaluation
  • To empower staff to incorporate technological innovation in their teaching.
  • To be the destination of choice for studies in health science education.