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Wits LNLS collaboration

- Wits Chemistry

Collaboration with international researchers at Sirius (Brazil) allows unprecedented views into modern materials.

Dr Dean Barrett (Wits Chemistry, joint appointment CNPEM) has recently been assisting the Paineira beamline group during the scientific commissioning process of the new powder X-ray diffraction beamline. The beamline is housed at Sirius, one of only three globally operational 4th generation synchrotrons.

Sirius provides extremely brilliant photon beams that are used to determine the properties of materials with data acquisition times orders of magnitude faster than the best laboratory instruments. The beamline offers high-resolution X-ray diffraction measurements as well as in-situ and operando (under operation) capabilities for dynamic experiments with ultra-fast 2D detectors covering large angular ranges. The beamline hosts numerous state-of-the-art automation processes including automated operation via robotics, multiple sample environments including various reaction cells, cryogenics, accessories, and sample environments covering in-situ and operando experiments for functional materials.

Wits-LNLS collaborative research includes NRF-supported projects led by Dr Barrett with the development of new catalysis reaction cells developed by Dr Victor Mashindi.

Image of members of the Paineira beamline group

Paineira beamline group. Left to right: Amanda Iglessias, Junior Mauricio (beamline engineers). Dean Barrett (beamline scientist) and Cristiane Rodella (Beamline co-ordinator).

"Collaboration with Paineira and other beamlines at Sirius gives us a significant advantage to conduct operando experiments with a high temporal and spatial resolution to study catalytic systems under real-world conditions. As many catalytic processes occur rapidly, we need advanced instruments like those provided at Sirius to follow these processes as they occur. With this data we can rationally design better materials for the challenges of tomorrow" - Dean Barrett.

Sirius synchrotron

Sirius synchrotron is housed at the National Center for Research in Energy and Materials (LNLS/CNPEM), Brazil.