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Molecular Sciences Institute (MSI).

Research activities within the School of Chemistry are consolidated within the Molecular Sciences Institute (MSI).

  • It coordinates research efforts in pure and applied chemistry, both within the University and in collaborative programmes with national and international research centres.
  • It fosters academic–industrial interaction, and it seeks to satisfy the needs of South African industry for highly skilled graduates
  •  There are 27 academic staff members, 17 of whom have NRF ratings (December 2014). There are links with over 65 national and international collaborators, as well as to industry.
Research Facilities

Resources and Facilities include: 

  • Well-equipped research laboratories
  • Machine workshop
  • Glassblowing facilities
  • Three NMR spectrometers (500 MHz, 400 MHz and 300 MHz)
  • State-of-the-art single-crystal and powder diffractometers (Bruker APEXII, Venture and Proteum systems for small molecule and protein crystal structure determination
  • Four PXRD diffractometers, capable of studying materials under non-ambient conditions
  • Bruker Discover, D8 Advance and D2), facilities for electrochemical analysis, and equipment for ICP-MS HPLC-MS, GC-MS, GC, UV-visible, IR, AA, TA, TPRT/O and BET analysis.
  • Mössbauer, ESR, resonance Raman and photoelectron spectroscopy