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Psychometric Career Assessments

Psychometric career assessment overview:

The career exploration process occurs and evolves throughout life. A holistic career psychometric experience will contribute towards emotional, social and academic empowerment during the career exploration process. The CCDU offers a battery of psychometric career assessments to provide insight into how your interests, personality and values can be best suited to certain career paths.

The psychometric career assessment process:

The assessment process is conducted over 2 sessions. The 1st session is for the psychometric career assessment. This occurs online or face-to-face and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Once the psychometric career assessment is concluded, an extensive feedback report is prepared. The feedback is conducted in the 2nd session. This is an exploratory discussion around career options and decision making, and is based on the results derived from the assessment. The feedback appointment is made on the day of the assessment, and is usually scheduled approximately 2 weeks after the assessment.

What we offer:

The Psychometric Career Assessments offered by the Counselling & Careers Development Unit are suitable for the following individuals:

  • Grade 9 learners having to make subject choice decisions
  • Grade 11 & 12 learner considering post-school options
  • Current university students seeking to clarify career paths
  • Adults considering mid-career change

Psychometric career assessment outcomes:

The psychometric career assessment facilitates greater self and opportunity awareness to enhance the process of career decision making. Individuals who undertake the assessment will retain the responsibility of conducting further independent enquiry into the options presented. We respect and encourage the autonomy of each individual to make their own choices and decisions.

Individuals using our psychometric career assessment services will receive the following:

  • A professional service
  • Standardized psychometric tools
  • Confidentiality
  • Objective information
  • A computer-generated report.  Please note that no forensic reports will be provided. 

How to book:

Assessments take place on Thursdays and Fridays from 08:00am -11:30am. Bookings must be made  through the CCDU reception, who will inform you of our fee structure and the booking process. Discounted rates are available to Wits students, Wits staff and their children.

For more information contact:


Tel:  011 7179140/32